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Publications featuring the Olympic Peninsula Fungi Festival

Olympic Peninsula Fungi Festival - October 13-15The Olympic Peninsula Fungi Festival cultivates discovery, connection, and community. The festival increases access to experiential learning about an array of mycology topics, and brings people together in one of the most renowned ecosystems for fungi on Earth.<br/><br/>The festival will feature lectures, hands-on workshops, guided forays, mushroom cuisine, and more from internationally acclaimed experts, both local and from across the U.S. Live music, a vendors’ market, and camping will make for a full three-days of family fun between Port Angeles and Sequim.<br/><br/>No matter where you’re at on your journey with mushrooms, we guarantee this festival will inspire something new.<br/><br/>Day 1 - October 13, 1-9 p.m. Clallam County Fairgrounds: Mushroom dinner and panel discussion by professionals, including the Jamestown health officer discussing medicinal mushrooms.<br/><br/>Day 2 - October 14, 8:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Clallam County Fairgrounds: Craft and food vendors in the morning at the Fairgrounds. Presentations start at 9am. Speakers include Lowell Dietz, Alan Rockefeller, Aaron Hilliard, Drew Ryan, Eva Gordon, Langdon Cook. Topics include foraging, DNA sequencing of fungi, PNW mushrooms, animal fungi relationships, mycoremediation and other subjects TBA.<br/><br/>Day 3 - October 15, 9 a.m-3 p.m. Clallam County Fairgrounds and Dungeness River Nature Center: Small group workshops at the fairgrounds and other locations including cooking, cultivation, brewing, and more. A team focused on foraging and citizen science will present a panel discussion at the Dungeness River Nature Center.<br/><br/>In the afternoon several forays will be available including a mushroom ID walk, and a photography workshop with Alan Rockefeller.<br/>